Friday, September 4, 2009

Easy Sprouts from Scratch

It's easy to grow your own sprouts. I used to think it required fancy equipment. But I bet you have everything you need at home, except for maybe the beans.

You can sprout almost any legume, but not all are edible. I found mung beans at our neighborhood bazaar. At least I think these are mung beans.

Rinse the beans separately several times checking for stones and other debris. Then fill a glass jar with about a cup of water.

Add about one tablespoon full of beans.

Peer into the glass and get a really cool view.

Let it sit for several hours in the water in a dark location like a cupboard. Rinse.

Make a nifty strainer like this one out of fine mesh and a rubber band. Very high tech.

Place the jar on its side in a dark cupboard for several days, making sure to rinse with water 3 - 4 times per day. Alternatively, you could keep it covered with a towel on the counter.

After a few days of this, you'll get bean sprouts!

The hulls of the beans can be rinsed away with a colander with wide holes. Or you can soak the beans in a bowl of water, allowing the hulls to float to the top and painstakingly skim the surface with a spoon. Depends on how bored you are.

If you have better alternatives, please let me know!

You can put the sprouts in direct light for a few hours to green them up. And off you go. Pad thai? Stir fry? On a sandwich? Sprouts.

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