Saturday, July 10, 2010

Relief in Varzob

Summer in Dushanbe is not for the faint hearted.  Typically there's not a stitch of rain for months on end and it's dry and dusty.  We made plans last week to head into the mountains --which make up about 95% of the terrain in Tajikistan-- to catch some relief at one of the resorts along the river just outside of the city.

We waited on our front stoop for our friends to arrive so we could caravan because I'm a freak when I'm driving outside the city for the first time by myself.  Just a tad paranoid.

My girls were ready to hit the road!  As an aside, why is it so hard to get both of my girls to smile at the same time in a photo?   

 Or keep their eyes open?  I need to learn the tricks of photoshop.

Here I am following L on a road that was thankfully NOT graced with road police.  L has diplomatic plates and I don't.  Let's just say I've trained the girls well when we get pulled over by the road police.  They roll down their windows, greet the police with their Tajik as salamu alaykum and big grins.  Works every single time.   Not so much when I'm alone in the car and do it. 

It's a short twenty minute drive outside of Dushanbe, following the winding river north.

Past the lake.

And more winding river.

And picturesque villages along the winding river.

Past the little village of Shaftmijgon.  

Until we reached the final destination, our little hideaway in the mountains.

Even outfitted with a kiddy pool!

After hours of swimming fun, and by fun I mean fighting over the floaty devices, it became clear that someone wanted to go home.

Seriously, Mom.  Before I lose it. 

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