Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cold Yogurt Soup

The movers come in an hour to pack up our house for the big move back to Door County.  We are down to pretty bare bones when it comes to the kitchen, so making this easy soup is a snap, especially on a hot summer day.  

Firstly, find everything and anything green in your fridge!  I had green onions, cucumbers and tons of fresh herbs.  And some radishes for color and bite. 

I used 500 grams of kefir, which I hear has found a market in the U.S. 

A handful of radishes.

And an equal handful each of the herbs.  I'm going to miss the cheap abundant herbs in this part of the world, I know that already.

And two cucumbers.

This is ridiculously easy.  Pour the kefir (or yogurt plus water) into a large bowl.

Finely chop several scallions, here I chopped a small bunch.

I chopped about 2 tablespoons of fresh mint.  Mint is my new favorite herb.  I've really only recently taken it from the obvious cocktail to anything with vegetables. 

Since this is an herb soup don't skimp on the herbs!  Add a ton of parsley.


Cilantro.  Or is this the parsley?  Or chinese celery come to think of it?  I always need to scratch-n-sniff to tell the difference.

Radishes, finely diced.

Peeled, seeded and finely chopped cucumbers.

And for a little kick, very finely diced hot chili pepper.

Mix all the ingredients well and then taste.  Add salt and pepper as needed. If I had sumac on hand I would have added it, but I didn't so I didn't.  

Very refreshing.  Very healthy.  Very tasty.  Check, check, check.


Pokeberry Mary said...

Love the concept of your blog. so cool to see the neat stuff bloggers come up with, can't wait to read more.

Wangbu said...

Hello! You have a wonderful blog! I am happy to visit here!