Monday, July 20, 2009

A Moment of Freak Organization

Today was hot. Really hot. Pushing high 90s at least, in the shade. When I got back from my morning walk in the botanical garden, I was sweaty. And hot.

After a tall glass of cold water, I was gearing up for a shower only to be thwarted by the lights going out. Strange, I thought, since we haven't had electricity cut off for months now. The girls were delighted. Yeah! No lightricity! They rejoiced. I didn't.

You see, I couldn't take a shower since all the hot water had been used to clean the stacks of dishes left from a BBQ we hosted the night before. And the water was barely a trickle since the water heater was empty.

In all my stinkiness, I perused the house, contemplating my next task. Anything on the computer was out. No facebook. No typing game. No recipe surfing. After walking aimlessly for a bit, I decided to tackle a big stack of papers next to the printer that hadn't been touched since we moved in last December. After sorting through copies of past years' taxes, cat veterinary records and old airline tickets with boarding passes, I came across some cool specialty magnetic paper I forgot I bought.

I decided to tackle my herbs and spices. Which also hadn't been touched since I unpacked last December. They were screaming for some kind of organization and I wanted some order, too. It's hard to know what you have if it's all lumped in one big bin.
So I unpacked the spice tins I had ordered in various sizes from Mc Master-Carr (surely I must have thought that in my new life in Tajikistan I'd be really organized) and got myself busy with making printed labels from the magnetic paper.
Once I cut out the tags with an exacto knife, I dumped the various herbs and spices into the tins and marked each one accordingly with the cute little magnetic labels.
And just as I was finished, the lights came back on. I jumped up and quickly turned both air conditioners on, took a cool shower and then promptly checked facebook for new posts. Suddenly, all was right in the world again.

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