Saturday, October 3, 2009

From Scratchistan is on Vacation!

I'm typing early morning on Saturday from a hotel in Chicago. We flew to the US this past Thursday for our annual home leave! After enduring 17 hours of actual flying at 35,000 feet, a non-stop screaming 2 year old in the seat behind me and lost luggage, I'm in the throws of an annual tradition that keeps me sane, connected and grounded. Five girlfriends from college -- my dearest friends who know the good, bad and the ugly about me -- have all convened upon Chicago to reconnect. I love how we can always pick up where we left off a year ago, as if no time has passed at all.

I'm hoping that our one piece of misplaced luggage was delivered last night to where my husband is staying. After that sinking feeling when they turned the conveyor belt off, we realized that we may never see one of our suitcases again. When we approached the Turkish Airlines lost luggage desk, I informed the nice lady behind the desk that we were missing one of our pieces of luggage. She immediately said, "Oh, you must be the Hamlins. What did you pack in your suitcase that made them not put it on the plane in Istanbul?" Apparently children's and men's clothing and my camera were somehow in violation of international safety standards.

So, no pictures to post until I get my camera back. And considering the amount of debauchery and antics that's been going on, it's probably best that it's not documented. At all. Ever.

I'm looking forward to cooking up some great meals while home and sharing them with you! Once I can muster up the nerve to actually enter a full-on grocery store and negotiate my way around it without passing out or hyperventilating, I'll be back in the kitchen having fun!

Ok, on my way to Starbucks for a tall skinny latte. Cheers to you all in The Dush! I'll make sure to have an extra one for you, too!

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