Friday, October 30, 2009

You Know You Are Back in Dushanbe When...

It took about 30 hours to get home, door to door. One rental car, two airplanes, eight suitcases, four people, four carry-ons and two strollers.

The girls were stellar! They slept a ton and didn't shed a single tear. Its amazing how far an incentive of a singular piece of gum can get you. Never underestimate the power of chewing gum over a four and a five year old.

They embraced the adventure. They were excited. Especially when we flew over Baku, our old stomping grounds.

Transitions for little people and big people alike can be hard. From vacation to scheduled life. From chips and salsa to naan bread. From endless hours of Food Network TV to NPR podcasts. From America to Tajikistan.

Just in case the line gets blurred, you know you are back in Dushanbe when...

...the toilet on the Turkish Airlines flight has two footprint marks on either side of the seat indicating it was used as a squatty potty. takes longer to get through the immigration line at Dushanbe International Airport than the five hour flight from Istanbul.

...the heavy Chicago Metallic jelly roll pan you just lugged back from the U.S. doesn't fit in your puny oven.

...the furnace room smells of burning electrical wiring. are awoken at 10.45 pm on your first night home by an earthquake that was 6.0 at its epicenter in the Hindu Kush. sleep soundly (despite aforementioned earthquake) with your own pillow and your kitty purring next to you all night long. look forward to a fun Halloween weekend full of Trick or Treating for the kids and a party for the big people. have a spa morning planned with your girlfriends on Saturday. celebrate your girlfriend's birthday at the Hyatt brunch on Sunday.

Yes, it is good to be back in Dushanbe. Home.

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