Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mountains and Bok Choi

Winter is slowly making its way to Dushanbe. In the past week we turned on the heat, fired up the new diesel heater and started shrink wrapping the windows to keep the drafts out.

Earlier in the week the temps dipped below freezing and we woke up to gorgeous snow covered mountains.

But the freezing temps meant that my baby bok choi needed to be harvested - stat! My baby bok choi is more like toddler bok choi, actually. It spent a bit more time in the ground than required.

If you want some pretty instant gratification in the garden, grow baby bok choi. They thrive in my big galvanized steel bins -- I'm not sure how'd they fair in the anemic soil of are garden though.

When it came to cooking the bok choi I chose simplicity. I almost went Asian with soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger, but in the end decided to go with olive oil and salt and pepper.

After cleaning it up and pulling it apart, I chopped the stems into bite sized pieces and roughly chopped the leaves. In a pan with heated olive oil I sauteed the stems for a few minutes, then added the tops with a splash of water. Once cooked I topped it off with salt and pepper. So so good.

Mix this in with Spicy Thai One Pot and off you go. Dinner's made.


phamlin said...

Hi Julie,
Great job on the Bok Choi and life in Dushambe! I am taking my second semester in Indian Cooking at Adult Ed at the High School. I will check out your site often!
Regards, Uncle Paul

A Broad Living Abroad said...

Hi Uncle Paul! Please share your Indian recipes with me! Yum, I love Indian food! Just had it last night, in fact, at a local place. Pls give my best to Aunt Jean and the rest of the clan!