Monday, April 19, 2010

Rhubarb Strawberry Tart From Scratch

Rhubarb grows wild 'round these parts.  And its currently in season.  Vowing to be more adventuresome and take full advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables this year, I bought myself a big bunch.

I confess that last year I bought it, never got around to using it and it went straight into the compost pile.  But not this year.  This year I set my mind to making a rhubarb strawberry tart, which I adapted from this Martha Stewart recipe

The night before I made the tart, I sprinkled sugar over the cut up rhubarb and let it hang out in the fridge overnight.

When it was time to make the tart, I generously buttered my tart pan with the removable bottom.

And gave it a dusting of flour. 

I was ill prepared and didn't have any room temperature butter, so I grated the butter with a cheese grater.   

Not bothering to get out the hand mixer or use my food processor, I mixed the butter and the sugar by hand. 

The recipe called for a vanilla bean, which I didn't have.  But I did have this cool vanilla bean paste I've been wanting to use.

It can also be used as a substitute for vanilla extract.  Very cool.

See the specks? 

The batter came together very quickly.

I thawed some frozen strawberries from last season, which took the place of the blackberries.  I did my best to squeeze the liquid from them so the tart wouldn't be soggy.

Once the batter was distributed evenly in the pan, the rhubarb and strawberries were strewn on top.  

And then, once in the oven, I realized I forgot the last sprinkling of sugar.  With care not to singe the hair on my arms, I dusted a layer of sugar over the fruit.  Or is rhubarb a vegetable?

The recipe said to cook for 60 minutes, and I'm thankful I glanced at the tart at 50 minutes because it was already on the very brown side.  Which actually was a nice counterpart to the vanilla ice cream.  

Next go around with rhubarb?  Perhaps something savory, like a chutney or a sauce for meat.

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cchamlin said...

it's a vegetable :) tart looks great by the way!