Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Old Bay Potato Chips, Part II

The inspiration for the Old Bay and the subsequent potato chips comes down to a tin of salmon collecting dust in my pantry. And I've vowed not to let dust collect on items in the pantry. Far too many times have I hoarded pantry items, only to find myself with an overload of canned and dry goods when it's time to move on to another country.

And kicking the hoarding habit is hard. Very hard. I may have to seek therapy sometime soon.

Back to the dusty canned salmon. I decided to make pan-fried salmon cakes. Here's the list of ingredients: canned salmon fillet, one egg, mayo, wasabi paste, green onion and potato chips.

Instead of the usual salmon cakes with bread crumbs, I opted to crush the potato chips I made earlier in the day.

First I put the chips in a ziploc bag and crushed them with a rolling pin until I had about a 1/4 cup.

Next, I placed the salmon in a bowl, flaked it with a fork, added a bit of mayo, wasabi, the chips and the green onions.

Then I mixed it until incorporated, not macerated.

And formed four patties that I put in the fridge until ready to pan fry.

In a grill pan wiped with olive oil, I grilled each side for about five minutes. While that was going on, I cut some fresh lettuce from the garden, washed it up, and placed a pile on each of two plates. Once the patties were well crisped on the outside, I placed two on each plate and made a quick sauce of plain yogurt and Old Bay to dollop on top.

And viola! Crunchy Old Bay Salmon Burgers.


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